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South America FlightsFurther information on flights to and within South America - and how Ideal South America can help you plan the perfect trip.

Ideal South America Books Flights!

At Ideal South America we work with international and local airlines in South America to get you right to your destination. We work to eliminate unnecessary transfers and wasted time, so that you can get the most out of each trip you take with us.

Are flights included in Ideal South America Tours?

All our tours at Ideal South America are customized. Flight prices can vary widely, so we prefer to quote flights based on specific tours. By giving you the freedom to book your own flights, you can consider tour costs independently.  

How much should I expect to pay for South America flights?South America Flights

South America is a huge continent. Flying from the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires to Ushuaia in Patagonia, for example, can take nearly 4 hours.

Understandably, flights within countries are often a lot cheaper than flights between countries. For internal flights, we can help you book affordable connections using safe, reliable local airlines who often don't advertise online.

Here is a general idea of prices (all based on return tickets) you may be able to receive. Prices in US $:
· Lima –> Cusco: $200
· Buenos Aires -> Other Argentina Cities : $300-$400
· Lima –> Quito/Guayaquil: $400
· Lima –> Buenos Aires/Rio: $400-$600
· Santiago –> Easter Island: $450-$550

If you buy multiple flights at the same time, we may be able to help you find significantly lower fares. This is particularly true if you are combining your internal flights with international fares to and from South America booked as a package with us.

Which Airlines Do Ideal South America Work With?

Almost all our flights (even to the Galapagos Islands) are on proper, large jet airplanes – Airbuses & Boeings – and not on smaller, Piper/Cessna-style turboprops. However, there are exceptions for some local, in-country flights, such as short hops to the jungle, over the Nazca Lines, etc. We do not recommend or endorse any particular airlines or carriers, but have listed below those used the most for flights within South America: 

· LAN (All countries)South America Flights
· TACA (Peru, Ecuador)
· STAR (Peru)
· Aerolineas Argentinas (Argentina)
· TAM (Brazil)
· GOL (Brazil)
· Aerogal (Ecuador)
· EQ TAME (Ecuador)

Booking Flights with Ideal South America

Once your tour program is booked and confirmed with us, you will receive a confirmation or booking reference code for your flights which you can check independently on

Galapagos Flights

Flights to the Galapagos generally come as a package with your cruise. We almost always book these for you unless you specifically request another option

For your savings and your safety, we also recommend that you allow Ideal South America to take care of flights to difficult or remote destinations such as Uyuni in Bolivia and the Amazon in Peru or Ecuador. Many of these flights are not available through global flight reservation systems, but we are happy to use our network of in-country operators to uncover and book them for you.

 For more on flights, Visas and insurance see our FAQ Page