Costa Rica – Our First Time

My 11-year old son and I were so excited to finally be visiting Costa Rica! Its reputation as a friendly, safe, warm, fun and incredibly biodiverse country preceded it … and it would not disappoint. From the Atlantic Caribbean to the Pacific Coast – with coffee farms, jungle, volcanoes and hot springs along the way …
coffee table

Latin America Coffee Tours

Connect with your coffee.  It is a truly amazing experience, not only to visit the countries where it comes from - Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, El Salvador, the Galapagos Islands – but also to explore or even stay at the actual farms or ranches where the coffee grows. 

The Sun Sometimes Rises Over Machu Picchu

Rumor has it, you MUST be at Machu Picchu for “the sunrise.” Common wisdom (family, friends, and even experienced travelers) and many books highly recommend making it up to the site in time to witness the sun sprinkling its golden rays over the Inca Citadel.
Chile Wine Regions

Wine Tours in Chile

Although some travelers arrive by land from neighboring Peru, Bolivia or Argentina, most trips to Chile start with an international arrival flight into the capital city, Santiago (airport code SCL).  If you’re visiting more for landscapes and countryside than city, consider heading straight into the outer central valley region itself.