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Reciprocity Fee for US Visitors to Argentina

Visitors to Argentina from The USA, Canada and Australia have long had to pay a reciprocity fee on arrival to Buenos Aires.  New regulations now mean that the fee must be paid online and before arrival to Argentina.

This rull is effective October 31, 2012 (Aeroparque, this is valid only for people taking International flights into Aeroparque) and December 28, 2012 (Ezeiza)

The National Immigration Agency (Dirección Nacional de Migraciones) has added a new form of payment of the reciprocity rate (visitor visa – rate for Americans of USD$160, Australia USD 100 and Canada usd 75 single entry), through the Provincia Payment System. Until now, this fee was paid upon arrival at the airport (either Aeroparque or Ezeiza). Effective October 31, 2012 for arrivals to Aeroparque and effective December 28, 2012 for arrivals to Ezeiza International airport, all U.S. tourist or business visitors must pay the reciprocity rates (USD$160 for Americans, Australia usd 100, Canada usd 75 single entry) with their credit card through the on-line system. After these dates, cash payments will NOT be accepted at the airports.
How to pay the reciprocity fee on-line:
1) Enter the web site or of Provincia Pagos and register to start the process.
2) Complete the form with the corresponding personal and credit card information.
3) Print the payment receipt.
4) On arrival in Argentina, this printed receipt must be presented at Immigration Control. The receipt will be scanned by the Immigration officials, the information will be checked, and the traveler’s entry to the country registered.

This fee is not applicable for visitors to Argentina who arrive by land or into airports outside of Buenos Aires.  Ask us at Ideal for more information.

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El Calafate, Perito Moreno Glacier and More

It’s difficult to top Iguazu Falls, but after a visit there how about following up with a trip to Argentina’s second natural wonder; Perito Moreno and the glaciers of Patagonia.

There’s surely something magical about glaciers.  It could be just the massive or the beauty of blue ice shining in the sun     Maybe it’s nature’s power on display when huge pieces of icebergs crash into the water , or the majesty of the setting amidst rocky mountains and vast plains.  Or perhaps it is that glaciers represent the wild untouched spirit of Patagonia; a place where nature is still supreme.

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Donovan talks Argentina in ASTA Magazine

ASTA, the world´s largest association of travel agents, looked at the appeal of Argentina as a travel destination  in its latest magazine.  As experts on South America, it was no surprise to find Ideal South America featured in the article, with Director, Donovan Hervig, talking about the attraction of Argentina for visitors from North America.