Pantanal Tours

The Pantanal

The best place to spot wildlife in Brazil is not the Amazon but rather an area of swamp and wetlands in the south of the country known as the Pantanal.  Formed in a basin, annual floodwaters in The Pantanal regularly rise several meters and then recede, creating a haven for a spectacular abundance of plant and animal life.

The Pantanal is a huge are of 54, 000 square miles of savannas, forests, rivers and lagoons.  It is the largest freshwater wetland in the world, home to 1000 bird species and a shelter for some of the most endangered species in South America.  Wide open spaces between water and forest mean that, unlike the dense forest of the Amazon, wildlife in the Pantanal is easy to spot.  Despite all this natural beauty and incredible wildlife, The Pantanal is still a relatively unkown travel destination for Brazil and South America.