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Machu Picchu Galapagos Tours – a great combination of history and nature

There is no better way to explore the best that South America has to offer than to take a trip combining  Machu Picchu with the unforgettable Galapagos Islands.

Peru is a country of friendly people, rich culture and fascinating archaeological remains, and The Galapagos Islands are one of the best places in the world to get close to wildlife in its natural environment.

Galapagos Cruise

Galapagos Prices Set To Increase 15% in 2013

Early indications are that Galapagos Cruises are set to go up in 2013 by at least 15%.  If you can’t travel to the Galapagos this year though, we can offer 2012 rates on some 2013 cruises for bookings made by Sept. 30

The increase is down to increased fuel prices and rises in other operating costs for our Galapagos partners.   The good news though is that there is still time to book a luxury Galapagos cruise at great value 2012 prices, and we are finding that many of our passengers are putting The Galapagos at the top of their vacation list, and doing just that.

Even better, our special offer on select Galapagos cruises gives you savings of US$800 or more on cruises in 2012. 

Galapagos Cruises: Save US$800 per couple

6-Days, 5-Nights - Ecuador & Galapagos Tour, Includes:

•          4 Day, 3 Night Luxury All-incl. Cruise of the Galapagos Islands

•          Flights:  Quito - Galapagos - Quito

•          Two nights in first-class hotel, w/break

•          Tour of Quito – first UNESCO Heritage city

•          All airport and land transfers

From US$ 2,195 per person

 Representing a savings of more than US$ 800 per couple!

Tour Dates (starting Quito/Guayaquil)                 

Sept      19, 22, 26, 29

Oct       3, 6, 17, 19, 23, 24, 26, 31

Nov       3, 13, 14, 17,

Dec       1, 5, 8, 12, 19, 21

(or start earlier in Peru-Machu Picchu – write or call for details)            

Contact us for more information about this special offer, Galapagos Tours on other dates, Land Based Galapagos Tours,  or tour programs to Machu Picchu, Argentina and much more.


Galapagos Tours

Why Visit The Galapagos Islands?

The Galapagos Islands are surely on most people's “bucket list” of places to visit, so what´s all the fuss?  Here is our thoughts on why visit The Galapagos Islands.

That said  a visit there has something to offer almost everyone: warm weather and gorgeous beaches, fabulous snorkeling, swimming, special nature experiences, good seafood, cruising, unique animal interaction, photography, hiking, biking, sea kayaking, education, history … experiencing evolution!

Even 150 years after advancing theories of natural selection, “Darwin´s laboratory” still feels that way.  The rocky and colorful terrain is unique and there are animals there that exist nowhere else in the world, such as the ubiquitous marine iguana.  And amazingly even the mother sea lions don´t seem to mind a dozen humans with hats, water bottles and cameras hovering over their babies.  They say the lack of fear of humans by the animals on the Islands is due to the lack of natural predators, but anyway you slice it … it´s special.

Iguanas, Galapagos

1.   Snorkeling –  the Galapagos is a fabulous place for snorkelling.  There is surprising diversity of underwater life there including very colorful tropical fish, sharks, manta rays, sea turtles and much more.  And although the water surrounding the western islands can be a bit chilly, you can swim and snorkel here all year-round.

Baby Sea Lions, Galapagos