Peru Family Tours

6 of The Best Adventures for Families in South America

South America is so full of wildlife and outdoor activities that there is always and adventure around the corner.  Here is our pick of 6 of the best adventures for families with children.

1. The Amazon, Peru

Just a short flight from Cusco and Machu Picchu, the Peruvian Amazon has fun packed jungle lodges for the whole family.  With special programs for toddlers to teens, The Amazon has family adventure for all ages. 

Amazon Tours

2. Banos, Ecuador

Ecuador´s outdoor activity center is filled with hot spring pools, has a smoky volcano, numerous waterfalls and caters well to active families.  Here you can hike, bike, try out canyoning, take a quad bike or just splash about in the hot springs.  Located mid-way between the jungle and the high mountains, Banos is also a great base for visits to the Amazon, or the volcanoes and traditional mountain communities of Ecuador.

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3. Tayrona Park, Colombia

A few hours from the busy port of Cartagena, this beautiful national park has miles of white sandy beaches backed by protected forest.  Reefs and an abundance of wildlife as well as safe swimming beaches mean there is something here for the whole family.  Accommodations run from isolated cabins to small, resort style hotels with all facilities.

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4. The Galapagos Islands

Get up close to an iguana and bump into a sea turtle in the Galapagos; what is there not to like for children in this wildlife paradise?  Yachts take children from age 5 or you can choose a combination land and boat based tour for smaller tots.  Flexible programs mean grandpa can walk with the tortoises while grandma goes kayaking with the sea lions.

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Hotels Sacred Valley

Seven Special South America Hotels

Some of our favorite South America Hotels designed to give you are special, memorable experience.

1. Aranwa Hotel - Sacred Valley, Peru

This hotel from the Aranwa chain is a gem in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. The location is perfect, midway between Cusco and Machu Picchu with superb views, extensive gardens and peace and quiet all around.  There is a wellness spa, chapel, library and wandering llamas as well as evening activities such as cookery classes. Stay on your own island in the hotel lake in some of Aranwa´s suites.


South America Nightlife

9 Night Tours to Remember in South America

Find out what Night Tours and attraction you can add to your South America Vacation

1. Star Gazing in Chile

There is a reason why international astronomers put their telescopes in Northern Chile: it´s the driest place on earth so the skies are clear year round. Spend the evening star gazing in Atacama or visit an international observatory with a really, really big telescope in Norte Chico.


Puno Candelaria

10 Unforgettable Experiences in South America

Unforgettable experiences from draw dropping views to exciting festivals.

1. Iguazu Falls
Wider than Niagara and a jaw dropping sight; Iguazu is so big it spans both Brazil and Argentina. Walkways allow you to experience the falls from above and below, including places where you can get a truly spectacular soaking!