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Tour Programs

Is there a better one day tour anywhere in the world?  Yes that’s right, you can visit, tour and explore the ruins of the ancient Incan citadel of Machu Picchu … all in one day!  You should bring a small daypack with a few items, such as your train and entrance tickets, passport, a bottle…

Experience the 7th and most southern continent via a luxury cruise Penguins! And whales, birds … snow-capped mountains and icebergs! See Buenos Aires and/or Argentina before or after the cruise 11 Days US$ 9,795 + Flights

2 World Wonders Tour – Peru & Mexico
1 week US$ 2,595 + flights

2 World Wonders Tour – Peru & Mexico
1 week US$ 2,595 + flights

Peru Cooking Tours

One day cooking tour in Lima

Panama Shore Excursions

Cruise Extensions and Tours of Panama

Uruguay Tours

Cities, nature and beaches in 11 days

San Blas Paradise Islands Panama Tours

14 Day Tour to Caribbean islands and tropical forests

Panama Vacation

8 Day tour to the beaches, cities and mountains of Panama.

Lake Titicaca Tours

7 Day Tour of Bolivia
US $2, 195

Bolivia Tours

11 Day Tour of Bolivia
US $2, 795

Peru Tours

Peru Tour and Galapagos Cruise
US$ 3,995

Colombia Tours

Colombia Coffee and Colonial Towns
11 Days US$2295

Argentina Wine Tours

8 Day Cooking Tour in Buenos Aires and Mendoza
US$3195 + flights

Galapagos Tours

8 spectacular days cruising the Galapagos
US$3195 +flights

Colombia Tours

8 Day Classic Colombia Tour
US$1750 + flights

Colombia Tours

13 Day Beaches Tour
US$2295 +flights

Cartagena Tours

Full day tour to the beautiful islands of Rosario National Park for snorkeling and swimming

Cartagena Tours

Private tour of Cartagena, Colombia

Machu Picchu Tours

Machu Picchu and Cusco Tour including two days Machu Picchu.
6 Days US$ 1495 + flights

Peru Culinary Tours

Machu Picchu, Lima and Peruvian Cuisine
7 Day Tour US$2950 + flights

Iguazu Falls Tours

3 Day Tour to/from Rio to Iguazu Falls
US$1,395 incl. fights and hotels

Cuenca Tours

Colonial cities of Ecuador and Galapagos Cruise
10 Days US$2895 + flights

Bolivia Tours

From Machu Picchu to Uyuni Slat Flats and La Paz
9 Days US$2395+flights

Atacama Desert and Easter Island
9 Days $1995+flights

Atacama Tours

Chilean Contrasts – Atacama and Patagonia.
8 Days US$1795 + flights

Easter Island Tours

Easter Island and Machu Picchu
9 Days US$ 2,995 + flights

Pantanal Tours

Nature in the Pantanal, Iguazu and Rio.
10 Days US$2595+flights

Galapagos Tours

Hotel Based Galapagos and Machu Picchu
10 Days US$ 2,995 flights

Galapagos Land Tours

Hotel Based Galapagos Tour
6 Days US$1995 + flights

Machu Picchu Galapagos Tours

Family friendly tour of Galapagos and Peru with 5 Day Galapagos Cruise.
11 Days US$ 3,295+flights

Galapagos Tours

6 Day Vacation including 5 Day family-friendly Galapagos Cruise
US$1995 + flights

Iguazu Falls Tours

3 Day tour from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls
US$1395 Including flights

Rio Tours

Full day private tour of Rio incl. all transfers

Chile Tours

2 Day tour of Santiago, Valpariso and Central Valley Winery

Machu Picchu Tours

3 Day Machu Picchu Tour from Callao, Lima
US$850 +flights

Amazon Cruise

Explore the Brazilian Amazon and Rio.
8 Days US$ 2595 + flights

Amazon Cruise

7 Day Tour including 4 Day Amazon Cruise
US$1995 +flights

Ecuador Tours

8 Day tour through the mountains incl. Cuenca and Quito Tours
US$1395 +flights

Argentina Tours

Machu Picchu, Cusco and Patagonian lakes and glaciers.
13 Days US$ 3,195 + flights

Patagonia Cruise

Argentina and Chile with 4 Day Cruise
8 Days US$2,195+flights

Glacier Tours

Machu Picchu to the glaciers of Patagonia
10 days US$ 2,795 + flights

Argentina Tours

From mystic Machu Picchu to Iguazu and Buenos Aires.
10 days US$ 2,495 + flights

Machu Picchu Tours

Classic 12 day tour of Peru: Machu Picchu, Colca Canyon & Lake Titicaca

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and Galapagos Cruise
14 Days US$ 3,495+ flights

Galapagos Cruise

Cruise the Galapagos and see Machu Picchu in 9 unforgettable days

Argentina Wine Tours

Wine, mountains and fabulous Iguazu in this culinary tour of Northern Argentina.
10 Days US$2295 + flights

Patagonia Tours

Discover Patagonia across Chile and Argentina incl. Iguazu Falls.
14 Days US$ 3,995 + flights

Iguazu Falls Panorama

See all the highlights of South America: Machu Picchu, Iguazu & Rio