Lake Titicaca Tours

Bolivia Tour – Lake Titicaca to Uyuni

  • The mountains of La Paz and Sacred Sites in Lake Titicaca
  • The Salt Flats of Uyuni
  • All internal flights, transfers, tours and hotels included
  • Private tours and transfers

11 Days US $2, 195

  • Day 1: Arrive to La Paz
  • Day 2: Tour of La Paz and Moon Valley
  • Day 3: Lake Titicaca by hydrofoil - Uros Island and The Islands of the Sun and Moon
  • Day 4: The Island of The Sun and Inca Cosmology
  • Day 5: Uyuni Salt Flats Tour (flight included)
  • Day 6: Uyuni Salt Flats
  • Day 7: La Paz - Home
Bolivia Tours

Bolivia Tour – Bolivia In Depth

  • The mountains of La Paz, colonial Sucre and the incredible history of Potosi
  • The Salt Flats of Uyuni
  • Sacred sites in Lake Titicaca
  • Jesuit Missions and tropical forests in Santa Cruz
  • All internal flights, transfers, tours and hotels included 
  • Private tours and transfers

11 Days US $2,795

  • Day 1: Arrive to La Paz
  • Day 2: Tour of La Paz and Moon Valley
  • Day 3: Lake Titicaca by hydrofoil - The Islands of the Sun and Moon
  • Day 4: The Island of The Sun and Inca Cosmology
  • Day 5: Uyuni Salt Flats Tour (flight included)
  • Day 6: Potosi Tour
  • Day 7: Sucre Tour
  • Day 8: Santa Cruz Tour (flight included)
  • Day 9: San Javier Jesuit Missions
  • Day 10: Concepcion 18th Century Jesuit Mission
  • Day 11: Fly Home
Peru Tours

Peru & Galapagos

  • Full Peru Tour followed by a luxury Galapagos Cruise
  • 18 Day Tour can be shortened or extended
  • Tours of Colca Canyon, Lake Titicaca, Cusco and The Sacred Valley
  • Machu Picchu by train and private tour with professional guide
  • 4 Day Galapagos Cruise
  • All transfers, tours and accommodations included

US$ 4,995 + flights

Cuenca Tours

Galapagos Tours with Mainland Ecuador

  • 10 Day Mainland Ecuador and Galapagos Tours.
  • Ecuador Tour through mountains and volcanoes
  • Wild horses and beautiful scenery in Cotopaxi National Park
  • Tours of UNESCO cities Cuenca and Quito
  • Devil´s Nose Train Ride and Ingapirca Incan Ruins
  • 4 Day Luxury Galapagos Cruise

US$ 2,895 + flights


Atacama Tours

Atacama Chile Tours with Patagonian Lakes

  • Our Atacama Chile Tours take you to the spectacular, dry desert of Atacama and on to the lakes and mountains of Patagonia
  • Visit green and mysteriouos Chiloe Island
  • Spend the morning with smoking geyzers in the Atacama
  • Visit remote adobe villages and lakes of flamingoes in the driest place in the world
  • Optional outdoor activities and tours in Patagonia included

8 Days US $1,795 + flights

Argentina Tours

Machu Picchu – Patagonia Tours

  • Cross from the heights of Machu Picchu to the lakes and glaciers of Patagonia in 13 days
  • Experience Cuzco's Sacred Valley by train
  • Cruise the sapphire waters of Argentina and Chile's Lake District
  • See Pedrito Moreno Glacier up close by boat
  • Thrill to tango shows in Buenos Aires, "The Paris of South America"
  • Enjoy many optional activities, from whitewater rafting to wine tours

From US$3,195 + flights

Background to Machu Picchu – Patagonia Tours

Imagine a land so geographically diverse, so rich in natural beauty that it draws explorers and adventurers from the world over. When you journey with us through Peru and Patagonia, you’ll live and breathe these sublime landscapes, from spreading glaciers to sun-drenched vineyards, from vast flatlands to the misty crags of the Andes.

But your South American escape isn’t just about the outdoors. Legendary cities also await you—cities like Cuzco, the ancient Inca capital, with its Spanish colonial churches and stone temples to the sun; or Buenos Aires, birthplace of the tango, and home to figures like Evita Perón and Che Guevara.

Best of all, whether you're scaling the peaks of Machu Picchu or horseback riding in Nahuel Huapi National Park, you’ll have with you our expert guides, who’ll help you live your odyssey to the fullest.

Naturalists and adventure travelers describe the Peruvian sierra and Patagonia as wild, unspoiled paradises. Learn why when you come with us to these gorgeous, life-changing places.

Patagonia Cruise

Patagonia Cruise

  • 8 Day Tour of Argentina and Chile, including 4 day Patagonia Cruise
  • Adventure and legend as you follow explorers like Darwin and Drake through the glaciers and fjords of Southern Patagonia
  • Travel by cruise ship through one of the wildest and most remote regions on earth
  • Full day tour of the best wineries in Chile
  • Discover the culture and art of Buenos Aires

8 Days US$ 2,195 + flights

Galapagos Cruise and Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

  • A Galapagos Cruise and Inca Trail to Machu Picchu gives an unbeatable combination of nature, beaches and fabulous mountain scenery.
  • Special program to make sure you are fully acclimatized for the Inca Trail
  • Choice of Galapagos Cruise yachts from Luxury to comfortable Tourist Class
  • See magical Machu Picchu from the Sun Gate at the end of the Inca Trail - unforgettable!
  • Expert guides and good treatment for porters

14 Days US $3,495 + flights

Patagonia Tours

Argentina Chile Patagonia Tours

  • Discover Patagonia across Chile and Argentina and experience its most iconic sights on our 14 Day Argentina Chile Patagonia Tours
  • Spectacular Iguazu Falls  -the widest in the world
  • Buenos Aires - exciting culture and fantastic food
  • Glaciers: Volcano Tronador, beautiful Periot Moreno and Glacier Grey in Torres del Paine
  • Witness and walk around some of South America’s most impressive mountains and glaciers – Tronador, Perito Moreno & Torres del Paine
  • Penguins in Chiloe Island
  • Choose your own outdoor activities
  • Cruise the lakes of Patagonia – from Chile to Argentina

14 Days US$ 3,995 + flights