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Natural world wonders condensed into a long thin place. You only have to see a Chilean weather forecast to see the huge variety of climates in Chile – from the driest place on earth to the icy southern Patagonia and end of the world.

Did You Know

  • Chile is the world´s fifth largest exporter of wine.
  • Many major astronomy observatories are located in the north of Chile.  Why?  As the driest place on earth, you´re pretty much guaranteed cloudless nights!
  • There are around 2000 volcanoes in Chile of which 50 are actually active (but safe!)

Country Highlights

Little North (Norte Chico)
As desert turns into lush pisco growing area, this area has some of the best beaches such as at Bahia Iglesa or Pan de Azucar.  Here is also a paradise for astronomers with the dry conditions and lack of pollution encouraging numerous international agencies to set up their observatories here.  Take a tour of some of them including the fabulously name newest European VLT (Very Large Telescope).

A bustling city that houses a third of the population of Chile.  Take a stroll through the Parque Forestal for world class art and eclectic markets.  In the Pre Colombian art museum you can important artefacts from the whole continent.  Just a short drive away are the beach resorts of Valpariso and Vina del Mar.  Vina as it is known is aas big brash and fancy as they come.  It is home to the massive International Music Festival every Feburary.  Just a short metro ride away is the much more subdued Valparaiso that spreads itself over 45 hills overlooking the sea.  Take one of the wooden funiculars up to promenades with fabulous vies of the colored low level housing of the town.  Within easy reach of Santiago are the now world famous wine growing regions such as the Casablanca Valley wherer the viniers use coastal breezes to produce a fuller grape.  In the austral winter drive just a couple of hours to a variety of resorts – from the family friendly Farellana to the  tougher ore serious runs of Portillo.

Chiles Lake District
This is a wonderland for anyone who loves the outdoors.    Turquoise lakes, snow capped peaks, pristine forest , volcanoes and all kinds of waterways populate this region.  It still has the feel of a German mountain outpost and is nothing if not charming.  The still smouldering Villarica volcano dominates the lake and the towns of Villarica and Pucon.  For every kindo outdoor activity imaginable, hot springs, and a fully stocked up vacation scene head to the Chilean getaway of Pucon.  Nearby Villarica offers a lower key version of the same.   Puyehue National Park is blessed with evergreen forests and waterfalls but it’s the extensive hot springs that are the main attraction.  From Puerto Varas you can take a spectacular trip across lakes to Argentina.  Try fly fishing, skiing in the austral winter, or just soak up the atmosphere, the air and the excellent cooking.

Northern Patagonia
To all intense and purposes, Puerto Montt is the end of the road but venture a little further along the stunning Carretera Austral road and you will find what cyclists have known for years.  This little visited part of Chile is a truly remote area that feels like a frontier land. With glaciers, fjords running along its middle green valleys and rivers ripe for fishing, this area is Chiles best kept secret. For a different taste of Chile, head to the magical islands of Chiloe.  This collection of 35 islands has a distinct flavor apart from the res t of the country.   This verdant strip on the edge of the earth has become famous for its brightly colored wooden churches, woolen handicrafts and stunning sand dune beaches – watch out for the witches though; another feature of Chiloe are the peoples enduring mystical beliefs.

Southern Patagonia
You can see colonies of thousands of penguins, take boat trips through fjords to get here or watch icebergs float past your boat at the straits of Magellan but the big draw here is the fabulous Torres del Paine National Park.  Possibly the continent’s best park, the Torres is a much beloved by hikers of all types worldwide.  It is the iconoclastic image of the Torres at sunrise that sums up images of Patagonia. Hike without stopping for days on end or just venture out for the day from one of the parks lodges.    Puerto Natales is a port town and jumping off place for boat trips in Patagonia, access to the park, Take a short trip to the Milodon cave for the story of the prehistoric beast that once lived here and whose skin inspired Bruce Chatwins meanderings of Patagonia.  Next stop – Antarctica!

Easter Island and Robinson Crusoe Island
For a different type of isolation – Easter Island is.  A triangle of volcanic rock and an open air museum to a sa triangle of volcanic rock far out in the Pacific.  A stunning landscape of cliffs, beaches, volcanoes and craters peppered with evidence of this strange and mysterious culture.  The Moai huge stone carvings have baffled and amazed visitors for years.  Gaining popularity for scuba diving is Robinson Crusoe Island – volcanic and rugged and three hours flying time from Santiago and yes, where the Daniel Defoe story was set!

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