Brazil – Amazon & Pantanal

The Beavans are Back

Two of our first and favorite passengers, Keith and Beth Beavan, were back traveling with Ideal South America in 2022.  Planned years ago, before the pandemic, and cancelled and re-scheduled more than once, they were finally able to go on their Brazil trip with us this Aug. and Sept.  Nature and wildlife is their thing and they got what they bargained for!


They started with a visit to the Amazon:

The four-day cruise aboard the Grand Amazon out of Manaus ensured us close-ups of pink dolphins on the Amazon River.  The dolphins are born grey or brown, but after a year their skin becomes translucent and their blood system shows solid pink over all their bodies.  The cruise will also take you to an indigenous village, but we decided to stay closer to shore and see more birds and monkeys! 

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Then it was on to the South Pantanal.  Here is what Keith recommends:

If you want to see jaguars (and other wildlife), stay at Caiman Lodge in the Caiman Ecological Refuge.  We saw jags, adults and cubs, close enough to count their spots, every day of our 6 day stay. The Refuge is environmentally wonderful (with among other things, a program to take various species of macaw off the endangered lists). The Lodge has large, comfortable rooms, the guides (English speaking) are superb and the buffet meals wide ranging and well served.  Beware the desserts though, if you don’t want to put on weight!  

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And finally, to their great surprise, they were lucky to discover something new and very special:

There are 7 mammals called anteaters in the world – 3 of them in Brazil.  We didn’t even know about one called “the lesser anteater”, which actually climbs trees to get at termites! (while eating ants on the forest ground). We sighted him this morning – running on the road – we followed for about a half mile, then he suddenly got off the road and climbed up several feet of tree. While coming here was for the jaguars, and saw them every day, the anteater climber was the most memorable eventTotally unexpected !

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In conclusion:

Due to my age (90) and a recent surgery, Beth and I knew my mobility on the trip would present challenges.  We considered re-scheduling again, even though we really did not want to. Donovan discussed it all with us and helped us navigate assistance options throughout the trip. He made sure the local tour operator was prepared, wheelchairs were requested and additional assistance provided when necessary. When all was said and done, it was one of our favorite trips anywhere. We are so glad we went!       

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