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Uruguay features picturesque beaches, stunning countryside, colonial and atmospheric cities. It has long been a favorite destination for South America's jet set - but now the outside world is waking up to the country's surprising combination of beaches and cowboys that is Uruguay.

Did You Know

  • Uruguay is a fairly rich country. The United Nations has it ranked 45 in the world for quality of life.
  • Uruguayans eat a lot of beef. They especially enjoy beef platters and steak sandwiches.
  • It is unlawful in Uruguay to harm dogs. Stray dogs are very well fed and the healthiest are even trained to become hunting dogs.

Country Highlights

Greater Montevideo

The southern portion of Uruguay is dominated by the Rio de la Plata, a wide, mighty river which opens into the Atlantic. At the mouth of the river lies Uruguay's largest city and its capital, Montevideo. Lively and vibrant, Montevideo is rich in culture and features many architectural marvels which reflect it's history. Called piers, waterfront or coastline elsewhere, in Montevideo these sites are referred to as promenades. There are many and they are absolutely beautiful. Missing them is almost like missing a trip to the city.

The historical Old City features picturesque colonial buildings, the Metropolitan cathedral, and the famed Torres Garcia Museum. One of the most relevant events in Montevideo which centers around its people is the Montevideo Carnival,celebrated in February. 

The Littoral

This narrow parcel of land stretches west from the capital along the Rio de la Plata and the Uruguay River to the border of Argentina. Featuring rich agricultural soil, the Littoral is home to many historic farms of which many still produce the same dairy, wheat, citrus crops and wines they have for many centuries.

Referred to as simply Colonia, the pretty city of Colonia del Sacramento lies on the northern bank of the Rio de La Plata. Colonia charmsvisitors from around the globe with its well-preserved architectural richness. The architecture is why this city has been designated a World Cultural Heritage site. Visitors to Colonia enjoy getting lost in the quaint streets, climbing up to the iconic lighthouse, touring the churches and museums and the peace of being in a place that seems to be from another era.

The dairy region of Colonia Department is well-known for its fine cheeses, wines and dulce de leche, a palate-pleasing sweet treat made by slowly simmering milk and sugar which has become one of Uruguay's most famous exports.

The Interior

This is biggest and least populated of Uruguay's geographic regions. It encompasses the entire area from the country's northernmost tip in Artigas, southeast as far as Lavelleja and Treinta y Tres and westward, reaching the eastern portions of Paysandu, Soriano and Rio Negro. In this region of the country are green & lush rolling hills dotted by many ranches or estancias of which many host tourists who wish to take part in the genuine gaucho lifestyle.

The Beaches 
Displaying the beauty of the sea in this corridor on the Uruguayan coast, locals and foreigners  alike enjoy miles of white sandy beaches on the country's gorgeous Atlantic coastline. The beach towns waiting to be explored run the gamut of seashore getaways ranging from busy & glitzy around-the-clock hot spots to quaint, old-world fishing villages that play host to just a few vacationers each day.

The largest and most well-known beach resort in Uruguay is Punta del Este situated a few hours drive from Montevideo on the Atlantic Coast. The beaches here are among the best all of South America has to offer - something the South American glitterati have known for years!

Cabo Polonio is considered by many to be the best beach destination in the country. With its isolated location and no roads leading to the village, it's a great place to get away from it all. Colonies of playful sea lions inhabit the miles and miles of beaches here.


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